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china in 10 pictures. [06 Dec 2010|01:00am]










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[16 Oct 2010|08:19am]
yesterday was friggin great. work was composed of finding a system of what to do with scheduling and points me and the other karen are making to customer service. it's non existant for sure.

we went to the flagship uniqlo in sanlitun and met up with JEFF! oh my gosh, it's so good to have friends from back home in... f'ing china. we went to research te panda sanctury, and come to find out that it's a two hour plane ride, not bus ride. jeff is convincing me to go, but we will see how this mess turns out.

we went back to mix and this time we had a huge group of our beijing locals with us! we played this game that is similiar to rock paper scissors slutty dance. lol. jeff threw down on a bunch of tequira and i drank lots of vodka.

we kind of dipped out early bc gap trans is taking us to the great wall today! WEEEE.
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reoccuring themes in my life. [07 Sep 2010|02:17pm]
1) wtf, did that just happen?

2) this is totally awesome.
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[12 Jun 2010|03:43pm]
shitty shitty shitty shitty shitty people.
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[07 Feb 2010|10:41pm]

ooh my. that made my day, seriously.
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[25 Jan 2010|11:56pm]
does livejournal still exist?

all i have to say is that i just turned 24, and had a great bunch of close friends with me and i love them so!

it feels so weird making livejournal entries these days... but some things just never do change haha.
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[29 Nov 2009|10:19am]
I miss the simpler times.
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new purchases. thx google image search. [06 Sep 2009|04:28pm]

the winterpills - central chambers.

third eye blind - ursa major.

as tall as lions - into the flood ep.

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[28 Jun 2009|11:15pm]

- started drinking at 11 with sushi as breakfast.
- the first gay i talked to asked me why we were gonna be bffs. i told him it's because i had a tattoo of illinois on my body. then he showed me his. josh if you ever read this, you get the gold star of the day.
- ran into carole at the parade, my favorite bartender.
- flashed my tattoo inappropriately for beads. like tits on mardi gras.
- crazy surplus of beads, chapstick, stickers, condoms, beer bottle openers.
- "will show body for glitter sunscreenz and slap braceletz"
- forgetting how to text in sentences and/or fucking up spelling royally.
- chicago city diner, carly and matt!
- joy yees: tofu and shrimp on rice. raspberry mango bubble tea.
- driving to first midwest bank amp.
- went from general parking (really shitty and far) to employee parking (better) to parking right up front with two small rows of cars. (door 20 ft away.) and getting away with it.
- watch the sky. spinning. i don't really need to explain that one do i?
- went from lawn seats (jacks being ant sized and or invis) to a section in the 200's (still bad) to a section in the 100s (way better.) running into cal and then being in the box area (thank god.)

i think i've recovered from being so beeritated yesterday. i think good friends, gays, food, sun, and jacks mannequin just does that. thanks!
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life in ten sentences. [22 May 2009|11:10pm]
I saw mae with a bunch of friends and it was just like how it used to be; fun, sun, laughs, beer, excitement.

I worked a double today and definitely wanted to shoot several people.

I was pulled over for a random 'car check' by the warrenville cops; for those 30 seconds i thought my life would be over even though i had done nothig wrong.

I'm still thinking, "what the fuck town does random inspections at 1030pm on a friday night?; a town that is out to get some major $ from screw ups."

The pools open up this weekend and i am more than excited to have a healthy summer glow.

A server at work asked me if i liked speedos or banana hammocks. (answer:NO)

I am working up more motivation to finally apply to places again.

I haven't seen my ex roommate atur in forever and tomorrow she's hosting a nice ol' bbq.

Carly and I are gonna drink beer and spoon and you're all jealous.

I have accumulated so much debt that i would have to be in constant hibernaysh for the next year... not gonna happen.

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[23 Apr 2009|07:17pm]

yes, that was today five years ago.
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10 things. [19 Apr 2009|01:18pm]
1. everything about omaha is great. especially champagne on tap.
2. i work early mornings and dinners often now.
3. i bought lots of vinyl lately. cursive, ryan adams, aloha, pink floyd.
4. i've seen a couple of jm shows lately. andrew's a good man.
5. guys are funny and mostly dumb.
6. friends have thought me how to say 'go fuck yourself' in assyrian. i use it often at work.
7. job hunting continues.
8. i can't stop listening to jimmy eat world. every record.
9. my new favorite food is spinach, mushroom, and egg in a warm tortilla.
10. i wish i could keep up with this lj more often.
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[10 Apr 2009|08:32am]
it's time for a semi-impromptu roadtrip. peace out chicagoland.

pictures and twitters to come!
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[09 Feb 2009|12:23am]
I've had a ridiculous and great week, but I think all the partying has now concluded with me having a sore throat and stuffy nose. I hope I wake up tomorrow refreshed and not sick!
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[28 Jan 2009|10:08am]

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i think i need a hug. [20 Jan 2009|12:19pm]

yesterday was a pretty fucked up day and birthday. but today is a new day, and we have a new president, and things will be alright.
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[19 Jan 2009|11:11am]
What a great weekend. I still have a huge smile on my face! :D

Now it's time to stuff my face again, and see Adele at park west.
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twitter in plain english [15 Jan 2009|12:20pm]

watch this. then get an account. then add me. haha.
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[12 Jan 2009|11:40pm]

SERIOUSLY. I need to watch this again.
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[02 Jan 2009|09:11am]
everyone has top album lists of 2008. mine:

mgmt - oracular spectacular
jacks mannequin - the glass passenger
kings of leon - only by the night
nada surf - lucky
grand archives - grand archives
radiohead - in rainbows
adele - 19

honorable mentions:
death cab - narrow stairs
hot chip - made in the dark
lovedrug - sucker punch show
jason mraz - we sing we dance we steal things
okkervil river - the stand ins
helio sequence - keep your eyes ahead
vampire weekend - vampire weekend
foals - antidotes
cut copy - in ghost colours

also. nye sucked (yay work)!
jeff had an amazing potluck post nye (i made chocolate cinnimon fondue)!
my friend bought tickets to ADELE and JAMES MORRISON (ITS ON MY BIRTHDAY)!
all i want to do is buy records (totes gonna buy some from my list of 2008)!
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